Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite: Not Your Average Rimfire

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Ruger 22/45 Lite - Anodized Bronze

Ruger’s lineup of rimfire pistols have gone thru some changes of late. The new Mark IV 22/45 Lite is one of those guns and while this model may be dubbed Lite; this gun is certainly heavy with features. With a lineage spanning quite a few decades, Ruger designers have always been able to deliverable a pistol that has been accurate and fun to shoot. With the release of the Mark IV, they may have finally crested the hill because it’s hard to imagine that there is more that can be done to perfect this design.

The biggest change offered up by the Mark IV pistol addresses perhaps the most long awaited request of Ruger enthusiasts; that is having a simplified and easy method to field strip their guns for cleaning. If you have owned the Mark I, II or III series guns; then you know that you have to hold your mouth right when putting the thing back together. With the Mark IV it’s a breeze. To strip it; clear the gun, push the button on the rear of the receiver and pop the top. It’s that simple. You can then lift the whole barreled upper up and to the rear to remove it for cleaning.

Aside from the greatness already achieved with the by the ease of takedown, suddenly we are offered an ambidextrous safety, and improved controls. With the 22/45 grip design so closely resembling the 1911 this pistol feels great in the hands. The lite-weight upper aids in the overall balance of the gun and the darned thing is even threaded for suppressors or comps. The gun also ships with a picatinny rail to make adding a scope or red dot easy peezy.

Currently the pistol is offered in either a black or brownze anodized finish, but more will surely follow. For a retail of $559, this lite-weight will surely be on target. Whether you’re already a Ruger owner or if you are just looking for your first rimfire handgun; this pistol deserves your attention. Stop on by your local gun shop and ask to check one out.

Help share our shooting sports heritage by bringing your spouse, your kid(s) or a buddy along to share in the experience and don’t forget to talk about firearm safety and to take ‘em shooting.

Below are a few options Dance's Sporting Goods carries of the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite:

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