Smith & Wesson J-Frame Revolvers

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Each and every day here at Dance’s Sporting Goods, we have new customers come in that ask our recommendation on a concealed carry handgun for a beginner. Nine times out of ten, that customer leaves with a Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver or similar offering from one of Smith & Wesson’s competitors. The reasoning? Well there’s typically three reasons: 1) Simplicity, 2) Reliability and 3) Affordability. You will find S&W J-Frame revolvers in the pockets, on the hips, and in the purses of concealed carry permit holders nationwide for these reasons no matter the demographic you choose or level of expertise. These guns are extremely popular with female shooters, new shooters, and seasoned professionals alike. In fact, I can’t even count how many shooters I personally know that carry these guns, from my own grandparents to the guys and girls working the counter here at the store.

Operating these guns requires minimal effort, while following all general rules for safety, simply aim the gun and pull the trigger. If something happens and the gun fails to fire, pull the trigger again. The cylinder will rotate and allow a new cartridge to be in front of the firing pin. These guns hold 5 cartridges giving you 5 opportunities to hit your target and making sure that if something goes wrong with one cartridge, another should be readily available without having to operate a slide or magazine such as with a semi-automatic handgun. Another benefit of a revolver is loading the firearm. The cylinder will roll out to the side with the push of a lever or button depending on the manufacturer and you can easily load all of your rounds. This can be much simpler for beginners who are not capable of manipulating the slide on a semi-auto or are simply scared of catching their fingers in the slide. These guns are also very lightweight and concealable. A gun that holds 20 rounds and has a nice long barrel may be your favorite shooter, but eventually it will become heavy and too cumbersome to carry and you’ll likely start leaving it at home. If and when the need arises and you’ve left your gun at home, it’s doing you no good at all. Having a small, lightweight gun that you’re comfortable carrying each day is better than having no gun at all.

These guns are offered in a number of different styles and finishes that make the price vary, but typically they range in the price of $400 - $450 at your local gun shop. Smith & Wesson currently has them retailed at $469 for the base models. I encourage you to put one in your hand if you’re considering concealed carry or if you don’t like your current carry gun. In the end, you should always choose the gun that you’re comfortable with most and fits your hand best over a recommendation.

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