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In the hot days of summer, folks are often looking for a concealed carry gun that won’t bulge out under the light cover of t-shirts and shorts and doesn’t weight them down as they become more active in the warm months. Well, where there’s a market, manufacturers are sure to enter and offer products. Some good, some bad, some ugly. A number of companies have entered this market, but we’re only going to touch on the main competitors in hopes of guiding someone in the right direction for a gun that fits his/her needs. Smith & Wesson, Glock, and Ruger all have at least one option for you to take a look at in before making your final decision of which pocket pistol suits your needs.

The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard is offered in multiple colors and with or without engraving in the 380 ACP caliber. It also comes with our without a safety and in multiple configurations with Crimson Trace lasers integrated into the gun. This is a top seller for a number of reasons. The safety has a very audible click, you should without a doubt hear and feel the safety engage and disengage on this gun when at the range or in a defensive situation. This gun feeds most types of ammo well and isn’t too finicky.

Ruger has recently released their second, upgraded version of a pocket pistol known as the LCP II and chambered in 380 ACP. This gun features a more aggressive grip texture to better hang on to the gun while firing and a last round hold open which the original LCP did not incorporate. The last round hold open makes reloading much easier and is offered on most any gun in today’s world. Ruger also upgraded the sights on the LCP II, to help shooters remain accurate.

The Glock 42, also chambered in 380 ACP, is slightly larger than the Ruger and S&W offerings. This can be perceived as good or bad to the user. It can be viewed as having a grip that fits the hand better and makes the gun more controllable. This gun is typically an easy choice for most Glock owners as the gun functions externally identical to the larger models and looks basically like the larger guns on a smaller scale. Internally, the 42 is a little different than its bigger brothers, but Glock stands behind it just as they do the original model 17.

When making your final decision on a pocket pistol, or with any gun, make sure it fits your hand correctly and feels good to you. A small gun like those mentioned above tend to be a bit jumpy when fired and if you don’t have a good grip on what little grip you have, it might be a bit surprising to you. Keep a firm grip and a good stance and these guns will serve a distinct purpose when ultimate concealment is required.

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