Allen Company Over the Door Discreet Gun Storage Case

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The Gun Storage Hanger by Allen has a discreet over the door design that can hold long guns, pistols, and accessories. Designed for the firearm owner who seeks easier access to his or her firearms, while keeping them securely and discreetly stored within their home. All cases feature safety solutions with locking zippers and discreet stylish designs. Whether the need originates from a middle-of-the-night emergency or a new firearm you just bought, the gun closet gives you an instant, safe storage options that are not immediately visible to the casual visitor.

Product Features

  • Case can hold up to 4 handguns, 2 long guns and measures 21" W x 2" D x 48.5" H
  • Case is hung from a door and is designed to be hidden in plain sight
  • Case is very stylish yet features discreet lines and external aesthetics
  • Has 4 external multi-use miscellaneous pockets for various storage needs within your closet and/or bedroom
  • Behind the 4 pockets is an innovative firearm storage system for your favorite rifles, handguns, and accessories
  • Case has locking zippers, which allow for securing your firearms and protecting your family
  • Case has multiple access options. The first option allows for quick access for your 2 favorite handguns
  • Second option allows for access to your go-to rifles via discreetly placed side entry zippers
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