Fish Head Weedless Fish Head Spin

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The Weedless Fish Head Spin™ has all the same great features as the Original Fish Head Spin™ but we have added a weed guard to make it even more weedless! You can now fish the Fish Head Spin™ around grass or standing timber with less hang-ups. It's proven design features 3D holographic eyes and realistic, multi-stage paint patterns for realistic color presentations. The Weedless Fish Head Spin™ is versatile bait that can be fished at any water depth. It is great for those hard to catch suspended fish as well as those holding close to the bottom. It is also great for shallow water presentations! The Weedless Fish Head Spin™ can be fished around bridge pilings, around brush and docks, or in open water. Add your favorite curly tail, paddle tail, or fluke style trailer for great action. No fish can resist the realistic look and action of the Weedless Fish Head Spin™!

All colors shown are hand painted, therefore color variations may occur.

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