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Glacier Glove Decoy Gloves

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    • The Glacier Decoy Camo Gloves are a very specific type of cold weather glove. This isn't for deer hunters when it is zero degrees out and you are going throughout several feet of snow, but the Glacier decoy Camo Glove is right up there with the Aleutians as some of the best water cold or duck hunting gloves you are going to find anywhere.
    • No one familiar with Glacier should be surprised to know two different styles of their products end up on the list. This is a company that is known for really high quality work and their duck hunting gloves are no exceptions.
    • These gloves are designed to keep water out, and to allow your hands to dip in and out of water repeatedly while keeping your arms completely dry and insulated whether you are handling the decoys in setting them up or having to deal with a cold steady rain and needing a glove that will keep your fingers warm and workable - this is a great option.
    • Another neoprene based design, the 2 mm thickness helps to guarantee that these gloves completely repel outside water, and the long design goes not only over the wrist but also takes it all the way up to the elbow. This is an especially great thing for duck hunters who need to work with decoys and deal with a lot of reed-heavy wetlands terrain.
    • While these are designed for the duck hunter and cold weather duck hunter, the gloves work for any situation where keeping dry in the cold is important like ice fishing, or other activities where water is not your friend in the cold.
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    Color: Realtree Max-5
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