Heritage Rancher 22 LR - 16" Barrel - Black / Engraved Wooden Stock - 6 Shot

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The Rancher is the pistol that takes the old American classic and gives it a This version of the Rancher has all the solid single action style shooting of its more traditional cousins with just a few extra features. The revolver keeps the solid alloy frame give that recognizable silhouette and strength. The cylinder is made with steel and is given a blued finish. The barrel allows forgetting the most out of the cartridge. The 22 caliber revolver rifle comes with a bright fiber optic front sight for quick and clear sighting in good lighting conditions. And for a sighting system the customer has a buck horn sights meaning you can get the same standard of accuracy with a pin point aiming point. And for that last little touch the revolver also has a nice engraved walnut stock for a comfortable a durable way to keep the Rancher Shouldered. So get a glammed up version of the Rancher from Heritage Manufacturing.

caliber or gauge:
22 lr
barrel length:
made in usa
magazine capacity:
0 to 10
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