Ruff Land Ventilation Turtle Plate Fan - 7"

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The heavy-duty Ruff Land Kennel Turtle Plate fan is designed to help keep your dog cool. It attaches to the door on your Ruff Land Kennel (two sizes) and is powered via an 8' cord that connects to your vehicle battery via the utility plug or purchase the optional batter pack cord (customer supplies battery) Switch between two fan speeds, the HIGH setting for maximum cooling of your dog, the LOW setting to minimize power draw -- LESS than 2 AMPS -- allowing you to leave your fan on even when your vehicle is shut off (depending on vehicle). Note: we routinely leave our fans on throughout the entire day without concern for our vehicle battery, while having the confidence that our dogs will remain safe and cool.

The Turtle Plate Fan has been field-tested to withstand weather and vehicle vibration. Connect to your vehicle's 12-volt utility/cigarette lighter plug, or to your trailer hitch power connector with an adapter cable (sold separately).

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