Water Wood Beauty Pig Deep SMS - 2.2"

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Beauty Pig (BP)
A Flat side and slim body crankbait to be fished in the mid-late fall and wintertime.
The flat side and the lip design give to this bait the great vibration signature to trigger strikes even when fish are in lower metabolic stages.
The internal weight of the Beauty Pig makes it a slow floater and helps to keep the bait in front of frosty momma for longer.
Depth range varies according to line size, but average range is 2.5 ft when used with 12 lbs fluorocarbon line.




- Depth range 2.5 ft / 12Lbs / Fluorocarbon
- Weight 0.3 oz.
- Length 2.2"
- Lip made of CB G10
- 304 Stainless steel wire
- Premium Treble Hooks and Split Rings

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