About Us

store.jpgMaking Memories Since 1976

Back in early 1976, the Dance Brothers (Forrest & Marlon) and their father W.F. had an entrepreneurial spirit that could not be tamed. They wanted to become more involved in the community and serve the folks around town with something they wanted and needed. After growing up outside hunting and fishing, what better to establish in the market than a sporting goods store across the southern end of the Old Dominion state? Thus, in April of 1976 Dance's Sporting Goods was born.

We began in a small shop on Wakefield Street in Petersburg, VA and the other side of the building housed Marlon and Forrest's mother's dance studio. The original store had just a small section for all of the departments we have today, but even back then we had a snackbar now deemed "The Bear's Den" after Forrest and Marlon's father "Bear." A lot of late nights were spent in that store making sure every customer was taken care of and making sure the shelves were stocked and new products ordered, but it was all worth it and has led us to where we are today.

In 1996, the brothers decided to expand a little and move from Petersburg to the now blossoming shopping district of Colonial Heights, VA. The new store began as one small section of a strip mall, but with neighboring tenants moving on to other locations, we have expanded more and more to reach our current size of just over 20,000 square feet. Make no mistake about it though, we are no big box store with uneducated employees. When our employees aren't helping customers choose the right gear, they're in the woods or on the water themselves. The combined knowledge of our staff is incredible on all different topics from hunting and fishing to reloading and archery.

If you're a current customer of ours, please know we truly value your business and we're always here to help you out to find what you need or fix an issue you're having with a product. If you need something specific, we make special orders for customers almost daily so don't hesitate to ask. If we can't find it for you, we will certainly try to point you in the right direction. 

If you haven't shopped with us previously, we urge you to give us a shot. We'd love to share some hunting or fishing stories and help outfit you for your next adventure. That being said, we're much more than just a hunting and fishing store, we also cater to the tactical and target shooting communities and we love getting new shooters started or helping someone find their first concealed carry gun. Not interested in guns, hunting or fishing? Don't fret, we offer great outdoor clothing to get you through any situation from snowy conditions to your next trip to the lake or beach. Stop by the store on your next journey through Colonial Heights or trip through Virginia on I-95 as we are just a stone's throw from the interstate about 20-30 minutes south of Richmond. The area has plenty of history for Civil War buffs and many other historians. We're also just a 5 minute ride from Fort Lee and not too far from Fort Pickett.

For those of you out there that can't make it into the store, we believe you'll get the same great service by shopping online. If you've got a question, we'll answer it as quickly as possible and get you on the right track to make your purchase. In most cases, we ship the same or next day for online orders and we're always willing to work with you if the item isn't what you hoped it would be when you made the purchase so long as the item hasn't been damaged or destroyed.

As always, if you need help with anything or just want to drop a comment to us on how your experience with our store has been, send us an Email at or call us at (804) 526-8399. You can also use the form on our Contact Us page.

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