Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a firearm online?

Having the Firearm Shipped - Yes, it is legal to purchase a firearm online. No, you cannot have it shipped to your home address. If you purchase a firearm from our online store and choose to have it shipped, on the product page, you will be asked to provide the details of your local FFL Dealer (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer). This can be any Firearm Dealer near you that you would like to pick up the firearm from when it arrives. However, you may want to shop around as you will most likely incur a "transfer fee" which is a fee your local dealer will charge to complete the transfer of the firearm from our store to you the customer. You will complete all necessary background checks at your local dealer. Please ensure that the firearm (or any item purchased) is legal in your locality before purchasing.

Picking up the Firearm In-Store - If you are purchasing a firearm online and you are a local customer, you can pick up the firearm in-store. Upon arrival, you will need to complete the necessary State and Federal background check forms and we will then complete the background check through the State Police Firearms Background Check system. In order to complete this background check, we will only need your Driver's License or State-issued ID card for in-state customers. If you're ID card or Driver's License has only a PO Box listed, you will need to bring another government-issued piece of paperwork with your physical address listed. If you're an out-of-state customer, you will be required to bring your ID card and Driver's License as well as a second form of ID. Please note these must list a physical address and not a PO Box. Also note for residents or non-residents: the address listed on your Driver's License and/or ID card must be your current physical address, not a previous address.

What is required for the background check when purchasing a firearm?

For In-State Residents - All that you will need to bring with you to complete the background check is your Virginia Driver's License or Virginia Identification Card. That being said, the ID must have your Current Physical Address on it. If you no longer reside at the address listed, you will need to go to DMV and get a change of address card before completing a background check. The ID must also be more than 30 days old if it is an Original or a Duplicate (You can check this by looking at the Issue Date on the ID.) If you're ID contains a PO Box, you must also bring another government-issued document with your current physical address listed.

For Out-of-State Residents - You must bring your Driver's License or state-issued Identification Card and another government-issued document with the same address listed. Both addresses must be you Current Physical Address. Please note: Some state do not allow you to purchase firearms outside of that state, check your laws before attempting to purchase a firearm. Also note: Out-of-State Residents cannot purchase handguns by federal law.

What are your shipping time frames?

Firearms - Firearms are a bit trickier than most items. We cannot ship a firearm until we receive a copy of the receiving dealer's FFL, therefore shipping times can vary based on how quickly they have that information Emailed or faxed to us. Typically once we have the FFL we ship the same or next business day. Handguns must go UPS Second Day Air, long guns will ship UPS Ground.

Ammo - Ammo is typically shipped on the same or next business day. Ammo must ship UPS Ground.

All other items - All orders typically ship on the same or next business day. Based on size and shipping quote, orders will ship via UPS Ground, UPS Mail Innovations, USPS Priority Mail or USPS First Class Mail.

How do I go about transferring a firearm?

Please visit our page on FFL Transfers, this page covers both inbound and outbound transfers.

How do I know if I'll pass the background check?

If you're curious about passing the background, the VA State Police offer a resource for this very reason. Click Here to view the page on their website.

I purchased a gift card online, can I use it in-store?

If you purchased a gift card online, it cannot be immediately redeemed in-store. However, we do have a process to switch the gift card to an in-store gift card. Once this happens, the gift card can no longer be redeemed online. Please Contact Us about having your gift card switched, as it is a fairly complex process we must follow. Only certain personnel in-store are capable of this process, so an Email is recommended.

I purchased a gift card in-store, can I use it online?

If you purchased a gift card in-store, unfortunately there is no way to use that gift card online at this time. We also cannot switch this gift card to an online gift card. However, we can accept the gift card over the phone, so feel free to call us and we can process your order over the phone.

Can I bring my firearm inside Dance's Sporting Goods for evaluation or to sell?

Yes, you can absolutely bring your firearm inside the store for an evaluation or assessment. However, please make sure the firearm is unloaded before entering the store. We recommend unloading the firearm at home to make sure there are no incidents.