Allen Vanish Zipties - 100 Pack

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ASSORTED CABLE TIES: Assorted pack of nylon cable ties designed for easy use & on demand fasteners for multipurpose usePack includes 100-nylon zip ties (60 green, 30 tan, & 10 brown).

HUNTING ACCESSORY: Pack contains an array of neutral colors to easily blend into your natural surroundings & hunting environments.

EASY-TO-USE: Can be used to quickly set up a ground blind or simply to use for your gear or fasten your tag on your trophy.

SMALL CABLE TIES: Pack includes 30-small cable ties in tan, measuring 6-inches long.

MEDIUM CABLE TIES: Pack includes 60-medium sized cable ties in green, measuring 8-inches long.

LARGE CABLE TIES: Pack includes 10 brown 9.8-inches long large cable ties.

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