Higdon Alpha Magnum Full-body Canada Goose - 6 Pack

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Product Features:
- Adjustable, removable heads
- Multiple head postures
- Magnum size full-body
- Realistic details for finishing birds
- Natural movement in wind
- Official Decoy of Ducks Unlimited


The most anatomically correct goose decoy on the market is now available in a lethal variety pack! The Alpha Magnum Flocked Head Variety Pack comes with 3 feeder bodies with 3 natural feeder heads, 3 upright bodies with 1 TruWalker head, 1 Mid -Sentry head, 1 TruSentry head and 1 bonus semi feeder head. Once assembled, the decoy, head and base system act as one complete unit...which makes setting-up and moving decoys a breeze. Higdon's unique 3-position base system allows for natural decoy movement, even in varying wind conditions. A percentage of your purchase will go towards wetland conservation. Package Includes: 6 Decoys with flocked heads and 6 Ring Bases. As a Duck's Unlimited Official Licensed Product, a percentage of each sale goes to support DU's wetland conservation efforts.

Upright Tru-sentry : 22.25 Inches Breast to Tail, 9.25 Inches Wide; 47.67oz;
Upright Mid-sentry: 22.25 Inches Breast to Tail, 9.25 Inches Wide; 49.78oz;
Upright Tru-walker: 22.25 Inches Breast to Tail, 9.25 Inches Wide; 49.22oz;
Upright Semi-feeder bonus head: 22.25 Inches Breast to Tail, 9.25 Inches Wide; 48.72oz;
Feeder Tru-feeder head: 23 Inches Breast to Tail, 9.375 Inches Wide; 49.83oz;

canada goose
full body
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