Bloodsport Blood Hunter Hunting Arrows - 31" - 300 Spine

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The Bloodhunter™ is a standard diameter, mid-weight arrow with a .004" straightness that delivers the precision today's bowhunters demand. Its high kinetic energy penetrates deep to take down any game. After the shot, survey the Blood Ring™ to identify the location of your hit and plan a successful retrieval. Rugged Wrap™ construction makes sure the Bloodhunter will stay with you hit after hit; so wipe off the blood and find your next target.

Each arrow includes a 12-grain aluminum insert. Availalbe in 300, 350, 400 or 500 spine and 6-pack or 36-pack.

  • Blood Ring™ technology guides tracking
  • Ultra-durable Rugged Wrap™ construction
  • Bohning Blazer® vanes for dependable flight
  • Improved strength and accuracy with new nock design
  • Choose from 6-pack or 36-pack
  • Also available in bare shaft
  • Durable, dependable .244 standard diameter
  • Incredible .004" straightness
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