Carlson's Rifle / Pistol Snap Caps - 9mm - 5 Pack

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Our Snap Caps allow for safe release of firing pin springs. A spring loaded striking area cushions and protects firing pins. An excellent tool for teaching and eliminating flinching. Two Snap Caps are included in each package. Available for a variety of calibers.
Prevents damage and prolongs main spring life.
Precision machined to true SAAMI specs.
Primer material is correct hardness to prevent striker/firing pin over-protrusion.
Aluminum won't damage the chamber/extractor/ejector
Packages of 5 snap caps are bare minimum for training with multiple magazines for pistols.
Snap Caps are a critical training aid for learning how to fix malfunctions quickly and efficiently not only for competition shooters but for anyone who has a gun for self-defense.

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