Centerpoint Amped 425 Crossbow - Black

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CenterPoint's Amped 425 delivers high power and next level features! When fully cocked, the axel-to-axel width is a mere 12 inches, and sends bolts down range at a ripping 425 fps. The stock features a configuration similar to that of an AR15, and its length of pull and cheek height can be finely adjusted to fit the user's preference. The Amped 425 is also equipped with a series of limb dampeners and string silencers to keep noise and vibrations to a minimum. Other features of the Amped 425 include an anti-dry fire system, auto-safety trigger mechanism, and a CNC-machined aluminum rail and cam system. In addition, the Amped 425 ships with an illuminated 4x32mm scope, three 20-inch bolts, a parallel quiver, and a rope cocker.


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