Code Blue Scent Elimination Dryer Sheets

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Add these dryer sheets to the dryer with your gear to eliminate scents from pets and smoke, as well as your own body, so your target remains unaware of your presence in the woods.


¦ The patented design utilizes medical-grade molecules to hunt down and destroy three types of odor and prevent further odor growth.
¦ Soften your jacket, coveralls, base layer and other hunting clothes with the dryer sheets to stay comfortable while you're seated in a tree stand or a blind - and quiet when you're tracking game.
¦ Toss one of the sheets into the dryer to get rid of smells from smoke, pets, food and exhaust to remain virtually undetectable during the hunt.
¦ By reducing the amount of static cling on your hunting gear, odors will lift away and help prevent your presence from being discovered by wildlife.
¦ Add a sheet to the dryer after washing your gear with the Code Blue™ D/Code™ Scent Elimination Laundry Detergent (sold separately) for comprehensive odor control.

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