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EverCalm™ Deer Herd Scent™ is a collection of buck, doe and fawn bedding area scents and smells. By using this scent, you not only turn your hunting area into a deer bedding area, but calm deer and draw on their natural curiosity of other deer. Our stick formula allows hunters to quickly and quietly place this scent, which is crucial in eliminating any type of additional disturbances to the hunting area. With no spills, leaks or mess, this weather-resistant scent stick is the perfect all-season calming, cover, and attractant scent!



  • It gives you two different ways to use EverCalm.
  • The stick formula allows you to wipe it on your boots and clothing to leave a scent trail in the woods.
  • The Stink Stick allows you to place the scent exactly where you want the deer to go for a good shot placement.
  • The Stink Stick allows you to take the scent back out of the woods when you are done hunting.
  • The Stink Stick is a great yardage marker for pre-setting distances while hunting.
  • Premium fiberglass "flow-through" wick allows more air flow, scent disbursement!
  • Tapered thread (instead of o-rings) keep air out, scent fresh!
  • Leak-free design; safe for your pack!
  • Works in sub-freezing temperatures!
  • Rugged design for long lasting performance!
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