CVA Accura LR-X 50 Cal - 30" Barrel - Konus 3-10x44 Scope - Rifle Case - Brown

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The CVA™ Accura LR-X Scope Package comes with a 3-10x44mm bore-sighted Konus™ BDC IR scope and a durable CVA™ soft rifle case. The KonusPro® 275™ scope was designed especially for muzzleloaders, helping to take the guesswork out of hold over angles for even the most difficult of shots. The exclusive ballistic reticle, coinciding with the most popular black powder loads today, provides you with a system of reference lines for exact aiming points from 75 to 275 yards. Lateral hash marks allow for precise leads of moving targets as well as compensating for strong crosswinds. The glass engraved ballistic reticle is unbreakable, and the multi-coated optics are clear and bright.

The CVA® Accura LR-X™ Muzzleloader is an upgraded version of the Accura LR (Long Range). The Accura™ LR-X muzzleloader carries over most of the features from the previous model with some serious upgrades to the stock, fit and finish, and long-range terminal performance. The .50 Caliber Accura LR-X Muzzleloader is the ultimate rifle for hunters wanting long-range performance and accuracy with increased BC bullets and muzzle velocities.

The CVA™ Accura LR-X Long Range Muzzleloader features the new CVA X-Treme™ stock, which sports an adjustable comb to fit any shooter and their optics of choice. This new comb adjustment is inset in the stock to allow for ambidextrous use, as there is no protruding knob to worry about. Additionally, the inset screw will allow for the gun to have a streamlined and sleek look and feel. This new CVA stock features Realtree™ Hillside Camo, with a Soft-Touch™ finish for great grip in all conditions. Adjustable stocks are gaining popularity in the shooting community due to the ability to give a shooter a proper cheek weld to the stock, whether they are using open sights or scopes with various ring heights.

The CVA Accura LR-X Rifle comes standard with the legendary Bergara™ barrel, which features a Nitride coating as well as the added protection of CeraKote™ Patriot Brown on the exterior. The .50 caliber barrel on this muzzleloader is 30" long, with a threaded muzzle to accept the new CVA™ Muzzle Brake, which is threaded ¾" x 24. To properly stabilize the high BC muzzleloading bullets used in this muzzleloader, the LR-X features a 1:28" twist rate. Borrowing technology from the Paramount, this new Accura LR-X will offer a free-floated barrel without an under-barrel ramrod. Instead, all new CVA Accura's will ship with a carbon fiber collapsible ramrod.

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