Illusion Systems PhaZe 03 Windfloaters

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PhaZe 3 Windflaoters are the most accurate long range Wind and Thermal indicators on the market!

When it comes to hunting big game, proper scent control and understanding how scent travels though terrain at a distance is crucial to success. PhaZe Windflaoters accurately show your invisible downwind scent path, exposing updrafts, downdrafts and thermals that Powder and Smoke based products simply can't reach.

  • Long Range. Reads wind and thermals further than Powder or Smoke
  • Long Lasting. Approximately 75 uses
  • Easy Carry. Small and compact, fits in your pocket or pack
  • Feather-light, natural fibers that follow wind currents
  • Effective use from ground level or in a tree stand
  • Works in ALL wind speeds
  • Made in the USA

For optimal scent control results, use PhaZe 3 Windfloaters in conjunction with the entire PhaZe Body Odor System!

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