Ima Little Stik Top Water Popper

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Don't be fooled by the name. Although it may be smaller in stature than the original, the IMA Little Stik 135 still delivers big results. Offering tournament-oriented sizing, the IMA Little Stik 135 provides all of the same swaggering topwater action that has earned its big brother a reputation for catching.

Fitted with a rear-weighted design, the IMA Little Stik 135 walks-the-dog with very little effort and provides extended casting distance that allows anglers to cover more water with each toss. Offering lifelike detailing as well, the IMA Little Stik 135 is built with a highly detailed finish, massive eyes, and a unique head that is built to push water as it slaps against the surface.

On the inside, the IMA Little Stik 135 is built with a boisterous internal rattle chamber that generates a distinct tonal foorprint as it is worked along the surface. Backed by two razor-sharp trebles, the IMA Little Stik 135 provides lethal topwater attraction that is second-to-none.

IMA Length Weight Class Hooks
Little Stik 135 5-1/2" 1oz Topwater #4

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