Jackall Dera Buzz Buzzbait - 1/4oz

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A compact buzz bait for result of fishing
A lure created for buzzbait with a comfortable feel and stable result of fishing. That is "DERABUZZ". The compact silhouette provides excellent castability, and both bait and spinning tackles provide a stress-free feel. The prop, which can be said to be the cornerstone of buzzbait, has been specially designed for each head size. 3 / 16oz emphasizes trigger bite that can invite the surface layer to slow. 1 / 4oz emphasizes reaction bite which is ideal for fast-retrieving approaches. In both cases, by arranging wings on the prop edge, we have obtained a high appealing power that grasps water powerfully and raises splashes violently. In addition, due to the effect of the wings, stable straightness is also an attraction of DERABUZZ. An item that anyone can easily enjoy an exciting top water game.

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