Kwikee Kwiver HI-5 Carbon 5-Arrow Quiver

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Kwikee Hi-5 5 Arrow Quiver

Holds 5 arrows
Weighs only 10.6 ounces
14 inch overall length
Equipped to hold a wide range of arrow diameters

Bowhunters love a quiver that holds arrows securely on the way to the stand, and one that can be quickly, quietly removed from the bow and attached to the tree when it's time to hunt.


The new Lost XD Infinity Hi-5 quiver from Kwikee Kwiver is perfect for serious archers. The Hi-5 is designed with a new mounting bracket, but the new design will work with your existing Kwikee brackets. Combined with a Bracket Kaddy attached to the tree, the Hi-5 makes it easy to have your arrows ready for use. This new 5-arrow quiver holds the arrow shaft at two points, making it ideal for archers using mechanical broadheads.


Technical Information

Number of Arrows: 5
Stem Material: Polymer
Hood Material:Polymer
Detachable: Yes
Number of Arrow Grippers: 2

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