LEM Hog Casings - 8oz - 25lb

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LEM's Natural Casings make juicier, tender sausage. They provide a distinctive "pop" when you bite into sausage stuffed in natural casings. These casings should be rinsed in warm water several times, then soaked in water for one hour until soft and pliable. Refrigerate after the bag has been opened. To store, cover casings with salt, place in an air-tight container and refrigerate. Properly salted and refrigerated, casings should last a year. Edible.

A Note About #141 - 8 oz. Natural Hog Casings & #234 - 5 oz. Natural Sheep Casings: The #141 8 oz. pack of Natural Hog Casings and the #243 5 oz. pack of Natural Sheep Casings contain what the industry calls "shorts". These vary in length and diameter. The quality of the casings are identical to the hanks, they are just shorter pieces. One pack will stuff approximately 25 lbs, which makes them ideal for the home sausage maker or hobbyist.

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