Meprolight M22 Reflex Sight - 3.5 MOA Red Bullseye

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The MEPRO M22 self-Illuminated Reflex Sight is the upgraded version of the iconic MEPRO M21 sight. It is thinner, lighter, with enhanced performance, and a sleek design. It maintains the same rugged Mil-Spec dependability as the MEPRO M21. Like the MEPRO M21, the new sight is self-powered by fiber optics and tritium. No batteries needed and no 0n/Off buttons. It is operational 24/7/365 day or night in any weather condition. Always on. Always ready. The reticle is illuminated by an advanced fiber optic collectorsystem during the day and by a self- powered tritium lightsource at night. An optimized light-collection system allows asmaller aiming point, resulting in greater accuracy.The dot illumination adapts automatically based on ambientlight while showing sharp contrast between the aiming dotand the target point of aim.The red MEPRO M22 reticles are crisp, distinct and areavailable in 2.2 MOA Bullseye and 4.3 MOA dot.The thin frame display window allows the shooter to keepboth eyes open for better battlefield situational awareness.


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