PowerBelt Hollow Point - 50 Cal - 348 Grain - Copper Plated - 20 Count

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Our copper-plated PowerBelts have become the most popular muzzleloading projectiles since the roundball and truly are "the bullets that made sabots obsolete." They are #1 for a reason, and if you don't believe us, ask any hunter who has shot them. The thin copper plating greatly reduces bore friction for higher velocities - while still allowing for optimal bullet expansion within the rifling grooves.

Available in three tip designs - AeroTip, Hollow Point and Flat Point - PowerBelt Coppers offer the widest variety of grain weights in the PowerBelt line-up, with several different weights from 175 grains all the way up to 444 grains. With PowerBelt Copper Series bullets you'll find the right combination for whatever game you're chasing. BC=.220

Caliber Or Gauge:
50 Cal
348 Grain
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