Skullhooker Skull Cap & Bone Bracket Combo

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Now get the best of both worlds....the Bone Bracket®/Skull Cap Combo!

Get those old skull plates hanging in the shed and boldly display them like they deserve with the Skull Hooker® Bone Bracket®. The fully adjustable arm allows you to move the mount up, down, left and right for the perfect upright, natural look. Durable powder-coated steel securely hangs skull-capped trophies up to 20 lbs. Includes instructions for exceptionally easy installation. Color: Black.

Dress up those sawed off skull plates with Skull Hooker's new Skull Cap. This inexpensive cover will provide a cleaner look to all those skull plated trophies. The Bone Bracket®/Skull Cap Combo is designed for small to mid-sized species such as deer and antelope sized skull plates. For caribou, elk and larger species see the XXL Bone Bracket® which is designed for larger and heavier game species. The Skull Cap can be utilized with or without the Bone Bracket® hanging bracket. The Skull Cap is offered in a brown color, but can easily be painted a custom color.


  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Steel
  • Function: Mount
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SKHBBSCASSY
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