Strike King Perfect Plastic Zeus Worm - 9.5" - 7 Pack

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Strike King's Zeus Worm is an extra large 9.5-inch worm that is developed with the advanced Perfect Plastics pouring system to create vivid, strike-enticing colors. The advanced design allows for a coffee scent to be infused into the plastic of the Zeus that keeps fish holding on longer, improving the hook up ratio of the worm and helping anglers land more fish. The big worm features an unmistakable tail action that mimics swimming baitfish and drives bass wild . The body is sectioned, so that anglers can easily downsize to a 7-inch worm without losing any of the life-like action of the tail. The worm is ideal for a Texas Rig using a 4/0 or 5/0 hook. It also excels on a Carolina Rig or on a jig head, such as the Strike King Mag

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