Taylor Targets Reset Target - Centerfire

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The CR-53.5 Centerfire Reset Target is a popular, multi-disc target for "big bore" pistol shooters. This target has four lower 3.5"" targets and one upper 3.5"" target. Upon being hit, each of the lower 4 targets flips up. After hitting the lower targets, the upper target can be hit to reset the lower 4 targets back into starting position. Eliminates the need to walk back and manually reset your targets!! The CR-53.5 is designed for use with Centerfire handguns up to .44 Magnum and provides shooting action you can easily see (spins when hit) and hear! The heavy-duty steel frame provides years of trouble free practice and many outings of fun with family and friends. Portable and easy to use reset targets mean no more knocked down targets and more time for shooting!

  • Style: CR-53.5 Centerfire
  • Targets: 1-3.5"" upper, 4-3.5"" lower
  • Use: Centerfire handguns up to .44 Magnum
  • Materials: Heavy-Duty Steel
  • UPC#: 013964506631
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