Traditions Smackdown Carnivore Bullets - 50 Cal - 250 Grain CJP - 15 Count

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Increase your accuracy at greater distances with Smackdown Carnivore sabot bullets. Featuring a hard-hitting polycarbonate tip, which reduces drag, increases accuracy and is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, the Smackdown Carnivore has an all-lead bullet with a thin copper plating. The Ridgeback Sabot creates a perfect gas seal every time. Reduced wall thickness in the sabot and added horizontal ridges to the walls deduces barrel contact while ensuring a good gas seal. Less friction also means easier loading and reduced cleaning.

  • Caliber: 50 Cal
  • Bullet Weight: 250 gr
  • Rounds Per Box: 15
  • Style: Polymer Tip
  • Bullet Coating: Copper
  • Sabot: Yes
  • Series: Carnivore
  • Manufacturer Part Number: A2007
caliber or gauge:
50 cal
250 grain
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