Zoom Boot Tail Fluke - 5" - 5 Pack

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The Zoom Fluke has been a staple among bass anglers for decades, and now Zoom is taking it up a notch with the Zoom Boot Tail Fluke. Featuring the same sleek, streamlined profile as the original, the boot tail now imparts a thumping kicking action that drives fish crazy. The Boot Tail Fluke can be fished anywhere, anytime, anyway you can think of. Fish it on light line and a small jig head all the way up to heavy braided line on umbrella rigs, the Boot Tail Fluke can do it all.

Constructed from Zoom's signature blend of soft plastic that has earned them legendary status since 1977, and also impregnated with a heavy dose of salt to make fish hold on longer, giving you more time to set the hook as well. Available in a several proven colors, the new Zoom Boot Tail Fluke is here to pave it's own way into the fishing history books.

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