Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler - 6.5" - 15 Pack

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The Magnum Swamp Crawler is a full inch longer than the original but offers the same tantalizing action. Capable of being fished with a multitude of techniques, it looks awesome on a mag shakey head jig, wacky-style, weightless, Texas-style, Carolina-style, or on a drop shot. The salty scent and alluring action of the Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler is sure to give your tackle a run for its money.



  • Size = 6 ½ inches
  • Bulky finesse worm
  • Straight tail worm on a weightlifting plan
  • Salt-impregnated
  • The original Zoom Swamp Crawler has been a closely guarded secret among professional anglers for years, so be sure not to let this one escape your attention
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