Thompson Target Center Fire Human Silhouette - 5 pack - 19" x 25"

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Center-Fire Life Size Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets - 19"x25"

  • Ultra bright fluorescent yellow silhouette & neon red bullseye
  • See your sights & every shot easier
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Thompson's life-sized, half-torso CENTER-FIRE DEFENDER human silhouette targets are bright and colorful for easy-to-spot shot placement. Each scoring zone has a 1" bright colored center for point-of-aim and the cylindrical scoring rings are the same as those found on the 25-yard handgun qualifying targets.

Each target features the new Center-Fire Scoring System for training and strategic shot placement. CENTER-FIRE DEFENDER is a fluorescent yellow silhouette on a black background with a neon-red center point.

Recommended for pistols and rifles 10 feet to 40 yards.

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