Thompson Target Upper Torso Silhouette Target - 19" x 25" - 5 Pack

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B27-IMZ Upper Torso 19"x25" Paper Human Silhouette Shooting Targets

  • An advanced approach to the classic B27 training target
  • Immobilize zones for better self-defense practice
  • Vivid blue and red inks create a high definition down range target
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Be the envy of everyone at the shooting range! Fusing immobilization zone mapping with the widely recognized B27, we have produced the next generation in law enforcement and military training targets. What sets Thompson's B27-IMZ Upper Torso target above the rest is the first of its kind break through design. The assailant's key immobilization zones are superimposed against the skeletal structure for effective comprehension in extreme response and immobilization training.

The detailed scoring zone meets tactical training specifications, and each immobilization zone is mapped out with measurements and specialized
teaching to improve understanding of shot placement and its effect. The B27-IMZ Upper Torso is also the perfect target for conceal and carry training and qualification.

Whether you're rehearsing with pistol, rifle, or shotgun, Thompson is your only choice when you're shooting for the best.

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