Water Wood Cute Pig Deep SMS - 2"

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The Cute Pig Deep takes the body stylings of the Beauty Pig and shrink them down to a snack-sized package with some slight modifications. It dives down to 4 feet and excels when fish are even more pressured, more lethargic, or feeding on really small baitfish, but need something that runs a little deeper than its shallower-diving brother.



As with the larger models, the Cute Pig Deep combines flat sides and a slim body to create a premier fall package, something that will lure the wariest bass when they're feeding on young-of-year shad or other forage. They are made to crawl through rock and deflect off of it in a way that consistently triggers bites, but if that's the only scenario where you're using they you may be missing the boat - our friends in Florida have experienced great success with the Beauty Pig Series over hydrilla and milfoil. When it gets caught up or bogged down in the grass, they rip it clean and the tight-wobbling lure keeps going on its way. Often this is when it loads up with the strike of a monster largemouth.



While the body design and the special lip on the Cute Pigs may appear to be just shrunken versions of those found on the Beauty Pigs, we've made slight tweaks to them in order to insure the same perfect and consistent action right out of the package.



The Cute Pig comes in Standard and Deep models, so you can offer up the same productive body style and action in two distinct depth ranges as the bite changes throughout the day.



As with all Water Wood crankbaits, each Cute Pig Deep is water-tested, tuned and completely inspected before being put in the hands of serious anglers. Despite their small size, each perfectly balanced Cute Pig Deep still utilizes CB G10 circuit board for the lip and 304 stainless steel wire.



CP D SMS Specifications

Built out of Marupá Pedra wood from the Amazon Rainforest.
Depth range 4ft / 12 lbs / Fluorocarbon.
Weight 0.28 oz.
Length 2".
Lip made of CB G10.
304 Stainless Steel wire.
Premium Treble Hooks and Split Rings.

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