Avery Ez Bird Green winged Teal

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Developed for all breeds and sizes of sporting dogs. Soft floating head. Design encourages proper pick-up/hold. Will not damage teeth or eye sockets. Durable PVC body. Foam filling yields lifelike feel. Anti water/odor absorption.Developed for all breeds and sizes of sporting dogs. Whether you have a Springer, a shorthair, or a Chessie, this training bumper with serve its purpose. Anatomically perfect bodies and realistic paint schemes make the EZ-Bird a valuable training tool. Dogs can become complacent retrieving the same objects all the time. Using this EZ-Bird trainer will give your training the variety needed to keep your dogs interested and alert, while keeping the rewarding excitement level high. Features: Soft floating head Design encourages proper pick-up/hold Will not damage teeth or eye sockets Durable PVC outer body Scent can be added easily Foam filling yields lifelike

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