HS Strut Butski Original Cutter Diaphragm Turkey Call

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The Butski "Original" Cutter is just that, the original cutter turkey mouth call. Paul, during the height of his calling career, designed the "Cutter" cut in 1980 propelling him to the top. Winning 3 NWTF Grand National Championships, 6 US Open Championships, a Masters Championship, 2 Levi Garret All American Opens and a couple hundred others, Paul knows calling. To match his robust personality Paul designed this cutter call as a 4 reed, 3.5 reeds to be exact. This call will process some major air for hard cutting and yelping but also will whisper those sweet little forget-me-nots at the end. Paul revolutionized the turkey calling industry with this one. HS is honored to have him on the team!


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