Jackall B Crawl Swimmer

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YOSHITAKA NISHIMURA, who is familiar with fishing "swimming jigs" in bass fishing in Japan, thoroughly packed his own jig theory B-CRAWL SWIMMER. This item is specialized for the "bush crawling" method, which Nishimura advocates, which uses a swimming jig to attack the shallow cover and bush area.
3 / 16oz 1 / 4oz 3 / 8oz 3 types of heads tungsten By changing the specific gravity, it is possible to set different weights with the same head silhouette. The feature is that you can change the approach range for each weight while keeping the same retrieving speed and the same retrieving comfort. It's one of the new ideas for creating the rhythm of retrieving.
In addition, Nishimura's particulars such as the special hook eye angle to dodge the cover, the two original wire guards, and the flat side head shape that emphasizes the roll action are thoroughly condensed. Scheduled to debut with Feco certified items that are great for tournamenters. The combination with B-CRAWL FLAPPER 3.8 "", which makes the area around the shallow cover easier for retrieving, is the completed form of the swimming jig that Nishimura envisions.

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