Taylor Targets Pro Series Base - Rimfire / Centerfire

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The Pro Series Base is a main component of the Taylor Targets Shooting System. The Pro-Series Base is designed to accommodate almost all (excluding Rimfire Reset and Centerfire Reset Targets) Taylor Targets. This component allows you to create your own personal shooting range. From a Rimfire set up to a large Caliber Rifle range. Simply place your Pro Series Base in your shooting area and easily change out targets as you change calibers. Using the Pro Series Base provides you a solid support for whatever Taylor Target you are using. No need to push targets into the ground, no more targets falling over! The Pro Series Base is rated for .22 rimfire through big bore rifle (up to .30 caliber).

  • Style: Pro-Series Base
  • Targets: 1-Base
  • Use: .22 rimfire- Centerfire handguns/rifles caliber
  • Materials: Heavy-Duty AR500 Steel
  • UPC#: 091037687043
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