Review - CVA Hunter: The Revival of the Economy Single Shot

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Like so many other folks my age or better; the single barrel shotgun was my invocation into the world of firearms and hunting. Perfectly suited for the young aspiring sportsman; it was an affordable, reliable and a simple tool, not to mention that it taught us to make that first shot count. Much to the amazement of consumers; the venerable economy single barrel all but disappeared from gun shop shelves over the past several years. Enter CVA, a company already well respected in the muzzle-loading community. Presumably acknowledging the void in the market, CVA has introduced the Hunter series of single shot shotguns and rifles that are priced fair enough that we can all breathe a sigh of relief. These guns are already flying off the shelves and with an MSRP of $314.95 they will continue to do so.

One of the first variations to pass thru these hands is the Hunter 20 gauge Slug Shotgun. This gun ships with a scope base, so all that you will need is to pick out the perfect scope, rings and some shells. With a 24” barrel, reversible cocking spur on the hammer, Crushzone recoil pad, and a lifetime warranty this gun feels nearly perfect. With the milder recoil of the 20 gauge and todays sabot slugs you and junior will be crushing whitetails on out there a ways.

The CVA Hunter 20 gauge smoothbore is a great alternative if your area restricts the use of slugs. Also sporting a 24 inch barrel; this smoothbore 20 comes with a fixed modified choke. There is no 12 gauge listed as of yet; but you can elect CVA’s offering in .410. Those of you looking for a budget rifle won’t be disappointed either, as there are models currently listed in .223, .243, .35 Whelen (wow), .44mag, .45-70 and 7mm-08.

Looking for the right gun to start off your kids, your grandkids or your spouse off with? Looking to add a slug gun to your toolkit? Maybe even if you just appreciate the ol’ single barrel because it was your first real gun; then perhaps it’s time you checked out what the good folks at CVA have brought back to the market for us. The CVA Hunter is here and most folks will be pleased to find it on their local gun shop shelves.

Help share our shooting sports heritage by bringing your spouse, your kid(s) or a buddy along to share in the experience and don’t forget to talk about firearm safety and to take ‘em shooting.

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