Reviewing the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Pistols

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Now that the annual SHOT Show has come and gone, lots of new products will begin hitting dealer shelves including the completely revamped M&P series pistol from Smith & Wesson. While the M&P M2.0 might have a similar look to the model from previous years, the folks at S&W have truly done a rebuild from the chassis up. Offered in 9mm, 40S&W or 45ACP the M&P M2.0 can be had in your choice of matte black or flat dark earth.

When you first pick this gun up; you can tell right away that something different is going on. The grip texture on this pistol is aggressive, way more aggressive than earlier M&P’s. Now don’t get me wrong, I like it. There is more coverage around the circumference of the grip itself, which will provide for positive control of the weapon. If you are not a fan of stippling underneath the trigger guard; then you will be pleased to know that it has been eliminated from this location on the M2.0.

The slide of the M2.0 has a refined look as well. Scallop cuts along the lower front sides of the pistol will make performing a press check a breeze without cluttering up the lines of the slide. The corner of the ejection port just above the extractor has been beveled as well. Still intact from the earlier design is the visual port for checking for a loaded chamber.

S&W engineers also redesigned the slide stop on this weapon. Now I’m not intelligent enough to understand everything that they’ve got going on here, but the notch on the slide and the bearing surface of the slide stop are both more pronounced. This should give a solid lockup when the mag runs dry or when clearing the weapon. It also seems easier to drop the slide on the M2.0. The slide has a

I mentioned the chassis earlier, so poking under the hood you’ll find a beefier gun altogether. Noticeably the front slide rail lugs (that part that your slide rides on) have been lengthened a lot. That can’t be a bad thing and gets me thinking of smoother cycling and improved accuracy. Also of note while under the hood, is the re-enforcement of the frame in the region of the picatinny rails where folks hang things like lights and lasers. There is metal in there folks, so the frame will be more rigid in the front end.

A few other visual observations regarding the frame is that roll pins have seemingly been replaced with solid pins. The trigger over-travel stop is higher in the back of the trigger guard and the beavertail on the back of the frame has been chopped. The familiar takedown tool in the butt of the gun has been updated with a built in retention lanyard pin. A nice touch to be sure. The trigger on this gun is crisp as described by S&W and there is an audible reset to the trigger.

This new gun from Smith & Wesson has a lot of enhancements and is worth a look from anyone looking for a new pistol this year. Included with your potential purchase are two magazines, four interchangeable backstraps and a lot of innovation and knowhow from the fine folks at Smith & Wesson. Stop on by your local gun shop and ask to check one out.

Don’t forget to help share our shooting sports heritage by bringing your spouse, your kid(s), or a buddy along to share in the experience and don’t forget to talk about firearms safety and to take’em shooting.

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