Hayabusa Brush Easy Jig Head

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Hayabusa Fishing knows bass fishermen love jig heads and fishing various types of cover in an angler's home fishery. The black matte Brush Easy Jig Head is the ideal jig head for fishing around grass, other types of vegetation, and sparsely covered brush/timber areas. Its mud black jig head has a realistic, natural appearance underwater with a Double guard (Size 2 only) or a Twin Double guard (Size 1 only).

Both weed guards are well-balanced to accomplish two factors: enhance the bait's movement and prevent frustrating snags that slow down bass fishing. Additionally, the Brush Easy Jig Head features a short shank with a bass fishing worm, craw, or creature bait keeper, and both work in unison to enhance and support a soft bait's underwater movements. Like many other Hayabusa Fishing products, the Brush Easy Jig Head has a Hayabusa Original Point hook point that is pressed formed for strength and sharpness.

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