Thompson Target Trouble Shooter XL Target - 5 Pack

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Trouble-Shooter Handgun Diagnostic - Paper Shooting Targets - 19"x25"

  • Identify and correct common pistol shooting mistakes
  • Includes the 5 fundamentals of handgun shooting
  • Ultra bright fluorescent yellow & red bullseyes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The shooter can now locate and adjust the most common errors in shooting. The eight diagrams on Trouble-Shooter show bullet groupings associated with these shooting errors. After shooting the target, the shooter compares their own bullet grouping on the Trouble shooter target with the grouping on the diagrams. The instructions coupled with the diagrams enable them to locate their errors and adjust their shooting.

The "Jerk" is just one of the common shooters mistakes illustrated on the new TROUBLE SHOOTER diagnostic target. By comparing your shot placement on target with the shot placement illustrated on the diagnostic diagrams you can easily see what corrective action to take.

Designed for right and left handed pistol shooting 15 feet to 200 yards.

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